$16 in SNAP benefits may not sound like much, but it could make for a special Valentines Day


Our grocery budgets usually cover day-to-day meals, often with little left over for special treats or special days – like Valentines Day.  So what would it look like if you had $16 in SNAP benefits to spend for this month, for this special day?

Wouldn’t it be fun to stay-in with your special someone – skipping the crowds, and avoiding the expense of a restaurant meal (which could easily be more than twice the cost of groceries)?

  •  The appetizer – 1 pound of fresh strawberries ($2.98*) for sharing
  •  The meal – 2 sirloin petite steaks ($5.38 for two 8-ounce steaks), 2 baked russet potatoes ($1.88 for two 16 ounce potatoes), and broccoli stir-fry vegetables ($1.98 for a 16 ounce frozen package) on the side.
  • The dessert – red velvet cake ($1.24 for a Duncan Hines cake mix) smothered in chocolate icing ($1.64 for Betty Crocker frosting) with plenty leftover!

So what did it cost you?  $15.10 if you bought it with your budgeted grocery dollars; $0 if you used your SNAP card with $16 in benefits!  How do you fit special days into your grocery budget?

* Walmart prices, January 2012

Thanks to ‘hint of plum’ (Flickr) for the heart cake photo.