Month: October 2015

Double your FNS/SNAP Dollars at Farmers’ Markets

As we mentioned in a post earlier this month, many farmers’ markets accept FNS/SNAP/EBT benefits. We talked about a few benefits of shopping at the farmers’ market, and here’s one more: Some farmers’ markets will DOUBLE your FNS/SNAP dollars. Yes, you read that correctly! Some markets have programs called Double Bucks or Fresh Bucks that[…] Read More

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Shop Local – use your EBT card at the farmers’ market

There are over 250 farmers markets in North Carolina, and these markets have a wide variety of fruits and vegetables grown locally in your community. If you haven’t stopped by a farmers’ market, it’s definitely worth a trip. You’ll likely find yourself going back week after week. Shopping at the farmers’ market has many benefits:[…] Read More