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No-Fuss Recipes
While we still have those kids in the kitchen, let’s start getting them prepared for next school year. We’ve come up with a few easy lunch ideas, children can make themselves with minimal adult su
Meal Planning: Storage and Recipes Tips
This is the third blog in a series about meal planning. If you haven’t read the other posts, you read these first: Benefits of Meal Planning and Meal Planning in Five Easy Steps. When I began this
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Holiday Meals for One or Two
Expecting a smaller crowd this year? No worries, More In My Basket (MIMB) has you covered. Most recipes have serving sizes for eight or more people. In order to save time and money, consider adjusting
 Meals with a “Twist” – Makeovers for Leftovers
With Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas right around the corner many of the same foods will reappear on the dinner table. Your family and friends may tire of the same dishes and not to eat the prepa
Potluck Season
It’s Potluck season! With one social gathering after the next, food costs can accumulate quickly. Whether you’re making a meal for the office, a gathering of loved ones, or other social function,
California Avocado Super Wrap
It’s cooling off but that doesn’t mean we have to be indoors! This wrap is perfect for a picnic, snack, or school lunch. Pair with fruit or salad for a complete meal. This recipe calls for chopped
Farmers’ Market- Celebrating Green Veggies
Spring is officially here, and green vegetables are in abundance! To celebrate, let’s explore some of our favorite recipes that have healthy green ingredients. Green Smoothie: https://www.morefoo
Sweet Potato Salad
It’s always sweet potato season in North Carolina! Turn this recipe into your own by adding bacon, your favorite seasonings, or additional vegetables (additional ingredients are not represented in n
Roasted Broccoli
Making sure we eat enough vegetables can sometimes be a challenge. We can meet the challenge by getting creative with vegetable consumption. Broccoli will be in-season during April and May in North Ca