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Warm up with a bowl of soup

There’s nothing better than a warm bowl of soup on a cold day. I love making soup all year long, but when the temperatures start to drop, soup becomes a regular part of my meal planning. Soup can be a simple meal, but if you load it up with the right ingredients, it’s also very[…] Read More

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Tomato season is here!

What is your favorite part of summer? Is it warm weather? Longer days? School vacation?   One of the things I look forward to is tomato season!   In North Carolina local tomatoes are available from June through October, so you have five months to enjoy the juiciest and most delicious tomatoes of the year.[…] Read More

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Save money on baby food

Last week we discussed the impact of a new baby on the amount of money families spend on food for its newest member. The cost to feed a baby adds up quickly, and can range from approximately $100 – $175 per month.[1] Such a big increase to a family’s food budget may be a source[…] Read More

What’s in season in March?

During the spring and summer North Carolina has a wide variety of seasonal produce available in the grocery stores and farmers’ markets. I look forward to seeing large bunches of beets, juicy peaches, and fresh okra during the warm months. Do you ever wonder if anything can grow during the cold winter months? There’s less[…] Read More

Italian Dinner Serves Four for $16

During the week, it can be difficult to find time to cook dinner. When evenings are busy, it’s tempting to go out to a restaurant instead of enjoying a meal at home. But what if you could cook a delicious meal at home in less time than it takes to go to a restaurant? Cooking[…] Read More

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