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For most households, there is no resource limit for FNS/SNAP benefits

In North Carolina (NC), to qualify for FNS/SNAP benefits, there are no resource limits for most households.  In the past, NC and many other states have had limits on cars (number of cars, value of cars) and homes.  Or, one’s financial accounts, such as cash in the bank or retirement accounts, needed to be below[…] Read More

SNAP benefits can buy more than groceries! You can grow your own food from seeds and plants.

This time of year, the main aisles of grocery stores are filled with seed displays; and, in a few more weeks, fruit, vegetable and herb plants will appear just outside their main entrances.  I am always drawn in by the colorful photos and overwhelming selection.  One day I hope to actually build a raised bed[…] Read More

The world has changed – finding whole-wheat pasta is easier than ever!

Just a few years ago, finding whole-wheat pasta was like finding a needle in a haystack!  The choices were few, the costs were high, and only brand names were available.  Not so any more – the pasta sections in stores are now larger, and within the section there is often a “regular pasta” area and[…] Read More