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Fruit Kabob with Strawberry Dip

Ready for some fresh dessert for these hot days? Your kids can make this simple fruit kabob recipe with any fruit of your choice!  You can use seasonal fruit in North Carolina or get creative with your own variation of this delicious treat!   Makes: 6 kabobsIngredients1 cup yogurt, low-fat vanilla2 pears, cored and cut into 1-inch cubes3 cups strawberries, stems[…] Read More

Berries with Banana Cream

This delicious dessert is perfect for these summer days in North Carolina! And even better, you get to use your SNAP dollars. There is something to be said about fruit covered in yogurt, chocolate, or anything!  It really takes healthy dessert to the next level.  Makes: 4 Servings Ingredients⅓ cup yogurt, plain, non-fat1 ripe banana1 Tbs fruit juice (orange works well)2 cups sliced strawberries1 tsp honey1 dash cinnamon[…] Read More


Okay, these aren’t really popsicles. They’re watermelon wedges frozen on sticks. But isn’t this a nice, cold way to eat your fruit bought with your SNAP dollars? Leave the rind on, if you want the slices to look classic—or cut it off, if you want to make it easier to put the sticks in. KITCHEN[…] Read More

Patriotic Fruit Salad

It’s still strawberry and blueberry season in North Carolina! There couldn’t be a better time to utilize your SNAP dollars for low cost in-season fruit. These brightly colored red and blue fruits will pair nicely with vanilla yogurt, whip cream, or cool whip. Give your children a healthy cool snack that the whole family can[…] Read More