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Home Made Trail Mix

Trail Mix is household classic. This snack can come in a variety of forms and can be customized to fit individual taste. Trail mix selection bars (ingredients are set out for individual selection) are a becoming more popular as a way to please the entire family’s snack craving. These simple recipes can be prepared with[…] Read More

Gardening for Children

It’s never too early for children to start learning about agriculture. Use the summer months to show children where their fruits and vegetables come from. SNAP buys seeds and food producing plants! Whether you’re in a single-family home or an apartment, growing plants can be done in a yard, a small pot or a hanging[…] Read More

Apples with Peanut Butter

Looking for an easy, yummy and nutritional snack? Here is a solution! With this easy to make snack that involves so little and yet your kids can gain so much! Not just while preparing it but also while enjoying it. This little snack is creamy, crunchy and satisfying. KITCHEN GEAR: Cutting board Sharp knife (adult[…] Read More

Blueberry – Banana Smoothie

Our weather calls for some refreshing beverage that is not only nutritious but makes the most of seasonal fruit! A smoothie is the perfect summertime breakfast: it’s cool and fruity, and you can put it in a jar or thermos when you head out the door for your daily walk, or instead, enjoy it in[…] Read More

Yogurt & Blueberries Frozen Bars

With higher temperatures approaching our state, we want to continue to give you ideas with recipes where you can use the seasonal fruits in North Carolina. Invite the little hands at your home to help make this YOGURT & BLUEBERRIES FROZEN BARS.  The kids will learn how to make these bars and will enjoy eating[…] Read More