Could you be putting more in your basket?

More in your basket

Are you amongst the many American households that could use some extra money to buy food? Are you cutting corners to pay for energy or medical bills and still don’t have enough for the grocery store? Many folks make tough choices each month about which bills to pay and where to cut back. The More in My Basket program can help!

The good news is that you might qualify for assistance in buying food and it is now easier to qualify. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly called Food Stamps) is a national food assistance program that helps millions of households access food they need to be healthy. In North Carolina the program is called Food and Nutrition Services (FNS).




What can you buy with SNAP benefits?

SNAP/FNS provides households with a monthly allotment of benefits that can be used to purchase eligible food items. You can purchase most food items including:

  • Meats (fresh, frozen, deli)
  • Fruits/Vegetables (fresh, frozen, canned)
  • Dairy
  • Bread/Grains
  • Seeds and plants to grow your own food

Qualifying for SNAP benefits

Eligibility is primarily based on income, and the limits vary by household size. In North Carolina, you may be able to qualify even if you own your own home, car, land, or property or have a retirement account or money in the bank.

SNAP/FNS benefits are distributed on an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Card. Benefits are automatically loaded onto the card each month. It is used just like a debit card and the money rolls over from month to month. An extra plus is that purchases are not charged sales tax.

It’s easy to see if you might qualify. More in My Basket staff can:

  • Answer your questions
  • Complete a quick eligibility screening
  • Provide assistance with completing the FNS application

If you’d like to get information, be screened for eligibility, or receive application assistance from the More In My Basket (MIMB)/NC Cooperative Extension staff, call the MIMB program office toll-free at 1-855-240-1451.

There are also other ways to apply:

  • Visit your local DSS office to pick up an application.
  • Submit an application online through ePass:

MoreFood Website

For additional information about MIMB/FNS, go to the MIMB website: You will also find blog articles with recipes and links to low-cost recipes and cooking tips.