For most households, there is no resource limit for FNS/SNAP benefits


In North Carolina (NC), to qualify for FNS/SNAP benefits, there are no resource limits for most households.  In the past, NC and many other states have had limits on cars (number of cars, value of cars) and homes.  Or, one’s financial accounts, such as cash in the bank or retirement accounts, needed to be below a certain amount to qualify.  For most households, these restrictions no longer exist!

Did you know?

  • If you own a home, you may qualify for benefits.
  •  If you own a car(s), you may qualify benefits.
  •  If you own land, or other property, you may qualify for benefits
  •  If you have a retirement account, you may qualify for benefits
  •  If you have money in the bank, you may qualify for benefits (interest earned on your accounts will count as income).

Why the change in qualifications?

Along with a household’s need for food on the table – the need for shelter, transportation for work/school, and overall financial stability (e.g., emergency savings, retirement funds) are just as important for day-to-day living.  While FNS/SNAP benefits can stabilize your household’s food, having these other resources stabilizes your shelter, employment/schooling, and other household expenses.