Getting Ahead of Holiday Meal Cost

Part 3-Perishable Items

Now that the spices, freezer, and dry items have been purchased, you can plan a grocery trip for the perishable items. Using the same Menu/Ingredient list as previously, check to see which remaining items you have left. The only food items that should be remaining are the perishable fresh items. Don’t forget to check your local Farmer’s Market to see what is in-season. Some local farmer’s markets offer Double Bucks on their produce allowing you to save more SNAP dollars. Purchasing items at your local Farmer’s Market also supports local Farmer’s in your area!

If you’re unable to purchase at the Farmer’s Market, you can still utilize SNAP benefits at a local grocery store.

Some of the most popular perishable items include:

  • Fresh Fruits
  • Fresh Herbs
  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Meat (that you don’t plan to freeze)

Preparing now, saves headache and money later. Try not to get caught in the holiday grocery shopping rush! Happy Holidays!