Grab-N-Go School Meals

SNAP tips for school lunches

Do you have children?  If so, they’re likely at home due to the North Carolina Public School System closing because of Coronavirus outbreak in the United States. While it is a joy to have our children at home, you may be feeling the stress of preparing extra meals during the day. Many families are impacted since we know that many North Carolina children receive most, if not all of their weekly meals during school hours. As of 2017, the percentage of North Carolina school-age children eligible for free or reduced lunch ranged from 30-99%, with the average around 57%. (County Health Rankings)

Highlighted below is information on what school districts across the state are doing to ensure that our children continue to receive nutritious meals during the outbreak of COVID-19. Maximize your SNAP dollars by utilizing these free services offered by the districts. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of these programs in your community in order to maximize the use of your SNAP benefits. “Grab-N-Go” meals, offer you the opportunity to pick food up curbside at select locations are available across the state. Be sure to check out what your local school district is doing to curb hunger during this time.


County Health Rankings: