Happy Holidays from More In My Basket


Are you looking for a holiday meal that doesn’t break the bank? With a little planning, you can stretch your FNS/SNAP benefits to create a delicious meal that your family and friends will enjoy.

This holiday menu costs less than $15, and will feed 5 people – that’s only $3.00 per person!


  • Ham Slice ($3.25 for 5 servings). You can jazz up the ham slice with a few ingredients that you probably have in your kitchen. For this Baked Ham in Orange Juice recipe, you just mix together orange juice, brown sugar, cornstarch, and spices to create a tasty sauce.
  • Mashed Potatoes ($2.03 for 8 servings). Potatoes are a cost-effective holiday staple that everyone loves.
  • Frozen Mixed Vegetables ($1.99 for 5 servings).
  • Dinner Rolls ($2.98 for 12 servings).


  • Winter Crisp ($3.75 for 6 servings). With cranberries, apples, and cinnamon, this recipe will make your home smell delicious.


Wishing you happy holidays and a wonderful New Year from More In My Basket!




Food prices are from Wal-Mart and Food Lion.

Recipe prices come from the SNAP-Ed Connection Recipe Finder

Baked Ham in Orange Juice recipe was accessed from http://www.cooks.com/

Mashed Potatoes and Winter Crisp recipes were accessed from the SNAP-Ed Connection Recipe Finder