How much food could you buy with an extra $15 per month?


How much food will an extra $15 per month buy? That’s a great question because $15 is the minimum FNS/SNAP (food stamps) benefit that a person can receive. True, most people receive much more than the minimum, but some people still think it’s not worth it to sign up if they will only receive the minimum benefit.


Let’s look at what you can buy!  Say you received $15 in FNS/SNAP benefits each month. How much food could you buy with this money? It might be more than you think. The grocery list below costs just under $15 and includes 9 items!


Whole Wheat Elbow Macaroni (13.25 oz.) – $1.00

Tuna (5 oz. can) – 0.98

Peas (15 oz. can) – 0.67

Cream of Chicken Soup – (10.75 oz. can) – $1.25

Orange Juice – (64 oz.) – $1.98

Ground Turkey (1 lb.) – $3.99

Eggs (1 doz.) – $1.88

American Cheese Slices (12 oz.) – $2.47

Bananas (1 lb.) – 0.54


And FNS/SNAP benefits are easy to use.  Each month benefits are loaded on an Electronics Benefit Transfer (EBT) card that looks like and is used like a debit card (learn more here). The money rolls over from month to month, so you can let the benefits accumulate over time.  For example, if you receive $15 per month, you’ll have $90 to spend every six months if you let the money roll over. You could use this for a holiday gathering or special celebration.


Keep in mind that most people receive more than the minimum amount. The average monthly benefit amount for adults in North Carolina is $135. The maximum benefit amount varies by household size. See the chart below to find the maximum benefit amount that your household could receive.


Household Size

Maximum Benefit












Would you like to find out if you’re eligible for FNS/SNAP? Call More In My Basket toll-free at 1-855-240-1451 for more information.

 To learn more about the FNS/SNAP program, you can read our FAQs blog:


Note: Food prices are from Wal-Mart and Food Lion.