If you had SNAP benefits for you, then your money could buy pet food


When money is tight, you may struggle with putting food on the kitchen table for your family and at the same time, having sufficient food for your pets.  While SNAP benefits can only be used to purchase food for human consumption, using SNAP would mean budgeted grocery dollars are then freed up for other uses – such as pet food, cat litter or veterinarian visits.

Organizations, such as the Humane Society, are aware that many pet owners are struggling to feed their pets.  Some of these organizations have programs to provide free pet food so owners can keep their pets, rather than surrendering them.  [Click on the Human Society link, then scroll down the page to the “Assistance by state” section and select “NC” to display the North Carolina organizations that can provide free or low-cost services for your pet.]

So, while these organizations may provide emergency assistance with pet food, SNAP benefits provide on-going assistance with your groceries.  Either way, our furry friends find food in their dishes!   If you’re using SNAP benefits for you, and/or free pet food benefits for your beloved pets, let us know about the difference it has made for your pets.