“If you have your health, you have everything”


I think we’ve all heard this quote, but its meaning sinks in even deeper during those times when we’re sick or healing from an accident, surgery or even a bad cold.  At those times when we don’t have our (good) health we realize just how important it is.  During recuperation, how we feel takes center stage; and, when we’re healthy, we merely go about the business of the day.

As we age, staying healthy through diet (healthy eating and exercise) is even more important than in our younger years.  To reduce the impact of aging on our bodies and minds, often means that we need to eat healthier and move more.  And, for older adults, these changes translate into remaining independent – staying active in one’s community, remaining in one’s home, and relying less on one’s family and friends for support.

SNAP can help you to help yourself in two ways.  SNAP benefits can help you buy more foods, healthier foods.  And, SNAP education can teach you how to eat healthier and move more.

In what ways have SNAP benefits helped you, or a family member, to remain independent?