Making the Most with Peachy Pops


Peaches may be associated with the state of Georgia, but they are also in season in North Carolina from June until September. Considering the high temperatures ahead, peaches can be a great and healthy addition to your diet to keep your body cool during summer. They also tend to be lower in price this time of year due to its increase in supply.

Besides consuming the fruit itself, you can also prepare fun recipes with peaches such as peachy pops. They are sure to be a success and some of the ingredients are SNAP eligible.

Peachy Pops


  • 2 peaches
  • 2/3 cup yogurt, low-fat vanilla
  • 2 cups of orange juice
  • 6 paper cups and 6 spoons*

*Paper cups and spoons are not eligible through SNAP but can be purchased for a dollar or two at your local dollar store.


  1. Use a knife to remove the skin from peaches, and to chop the peaches.
  2. Spoon the peaches into each of the 6 paper cups.
  3. Place the yogurt in a medium mixing bowl.
  4. Slowly pour and stir the orange juice into the yogurt. Mix well.
  5. Pour some of the juice and yogurt mix into each cup to cover the peaches.
  6. Place a spoon in the center of each cup.
  7. Cut 6 squares of aluminum foil big enough to cover the tops of cups. Stab each spoon handle through each piece of foil. The foil will hold the spoon in the center of the cup.
  8. Place cups in the freezer for at least 4 hours.
  9. Just before serving, peel the paper cups away from the pops to eat.

For a full list of in-season produce check out the North Carolina Agriculture Chart.

All of the ingredients for the above recipes are SNAP eligible. For questions about the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or to receive Application Assistance contact the More In My Basket staff at

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