Memorial Day – remembering, getting together with friends and family


By Leslie Gernon

Memorial day is a day to remember those who have given their lives for our country; and, it serves as one of the bookends for summer (with Labor Day in September being the other bookend).  Coming together with friends or family for a picnic or a backyard barbeque is a great way to welcome in the summer.

FNS/SNAP benefits can help to put meat on the grill and food on the picnic table.  If you had just $16 in benefits, here’s how it could help you fund your outdoor feast:

  • Ground beef, store-brand, 1-pound tube (93/7 lean) – $4.69
  • Hamburger buns, Nature’s Own, 8 count (100% whole-wheat) – $2.89
  • Baked beans, Bush’s, 28 ounce – $1.99
  • Prepared coleslaw, Ruth’s, 11 ounce – $1.79
  • Watermelon, whole seedless – $6.26 each

TOTAL DOLLARS:    $17.62*

Putting your $16 worth of FNS/SNAP benefits to work for you, you’d only pay $1.62 for this picnic.  Or, perhaps, the week before Memorial Day you’ll find a sale on watermelons and pay even less!

* Prices based on Food Lion items, 4/30/12

Thanks to CarrieLu (Flickr) for the grilling burgers photo