Memorial Day


Memorial Day is coming up, and people around the country will use this weekend as a time to gather with friends and family. With summer around the corner and warm weather here to stay, it’s also a popular time to fire up the grill for a barbecue.

 If you’re hosting a barbecue or party, the costs can add up quickly. But if you plan wisely, you can have a festive celebration for a reasonable cost.

 Follow these tips to keep your party within budget:

  • Ask guests to bring a side dish. This is a great way to share the cost among your partygoers. Most guests will be more than happy to prepare a favorite recipe to share.
  • Don’t invite the entire neighborhood. Keeping your party small will help you spend less on groceries and other necessities.
  • Check out weekly specials. Grocery stores will likely have great deals on barbecue staples (baked beans, hotdogs, corn, hotdog/hamburger buns, etc.) the week leading up to Memorial Day.
  • Remember to use your store loyalty card and any available coupons.
  • Use your EBT card/FNS benefits. You can use your EBT card to purchase most food items. But remember you cannot use your card to buy non-food items like charcoal, paper cups, or paper plates. Look for coupons for these items to reduce the cost.

Are you going to a Memorial Day party and looking for a new recipe to share? These recipes from the USDA ChooseMyPlate will be a hit at the party and won’t drain your wallet. All the recipes listed below cost less than $3.00 to prepare.

  • Corn and Green Chile Salad. This recipe uses frozen corn, but try substituting fresh corn, which is in season, and may be on special for the holiday weekend.
  • Herb Potato Salad. No barbecue is complete without potato salad. This recipe has zesty twist, using Italian dressing and mustard in place of mayonnaise.
  •  Baked Beans. You’ll likely have some of the ingredients for this recipe at home. It includes staples, such as ketchup, vinegar and apple juice.
  • Summer Fruit Salad. This recipe uses watermelon, strawberries, and pineapple. Feel free to substitute other fruits that are on special. North Carolina strawberries are in season, so you may be able to find a great deal.