Planning = Savings: Tips to Save More at the Grocery Store

There are times where your weekly trips to the grocery store may feel like a challenge and a chore, especially when factoring in a busy schedule and tight budget. Whether you are shopping for yourself, a large family, or anywhere in between, you can use the following tips to help stretch your food dollars and make grocery shopping less stressful.

Have you ever gone to the grocery store for “just one thing” and left with at least ten?  I know I have! It’s important to do your best to limit your grocery shopping trips to only once a week. One trip to the grocery store requires less time and money – you don’t have to worry about additional transportation costs or spending more than you planned.

 Plan ahead

  • Plan your meals for the week
  • Make a grocery list, and stick to it
    • Check your pantry and fridge when making the list and menu
    • Check the Sunday paper and/or store website/flyer for specials
  • Be sure to eat before you head to the store to avoid impulse buys
  • Shop when you are not in a rush
    • When possible, shop alone & earlier in the day to avoid distractions/a crowd

Choosing where to shop

  • Pick the grocery store with the best prices for what is on your list
    • Check out dollar stores that often have canned fruit and snack crackers at low cost!
    • Consider shopping at food cooperatives, warehouse food stores and other low-cost stores
    • Consider mileage and other transportation costs – shopping at many stores may not be worth the extra time & money
  • Take advantage of loyalty programs
    • Food Lion, Harris Teeter, Lowes and Kroger all have free loyalty programs that offer special pricing and other offers and rewards for customers who sign up


Food Lion


Harris Teeter



Fresh Rewards


Plus Card

Special Pricing/Offers x x x x
Digital Coupons x x x x
In-Store Coupons x x
Weekly Emails x x x x
Savings Analysis Tool x
Mobile App x x x x
Gas Rewards/Savings x x x

Using these tips to prepare can save you valuable time and money getting groceries. We hope they can also make grocery shopping less of a chore.