Preventing Cabin Fever

With school being out for the remainder of the academic year and limited activities taking place, our children are starting to feel the effects of Cabin Fever. Once the online course work is complete, even a walk outside can start to feel repetitive. Finding creative ways to cope with being indoors can be a challenge. Now more than ever, it is critical that we take care of our physical and mental health. Check out some ways to keep spirits lifted and have family fun!

  • Turn off the television and use the time for family games and activities. Play board games, scavenger hunts or put together a family photo album. Share your family’s history and your own childhood experiences with your children. USDA has a crossword puzzle that will help children learn more about healthy eating. (Cornell Cooperative Extension)
  • Let children participate in household tasks of their choice. Children who never seemed anxious to do household chores before may be willing to help out when they have nothing better to do. Cooking with kids is a great family activity. Try a new recipe. Teach kids how to bake and decorate a cake. Spend a day preparing meals together. You’ll not only have fun doing something constructive, you’ll find that the workweek is less hectic because of the meals you prepared in advance. Check out USDA’s Choosemyplate for cost efficient SNAP recipes. (Cornell Cooperative Extension)
  • Read a book: Unplug from all the screens and encourage the whole family to pick up a book, either an old favorite or one that’s been on your reading list for a while. If there’s nothing of interest to your family, use this time to write your own adventure.
  • Try an arts and crafts activity! Find old items lying around the house and see what you can build.
  • Get active indoors! Dance around the house to your favorite music, try an at home workout, or clean up! Anything to get your body moving.

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