SNAP benefits are just one of many ways to buy groceries


I headed out with my camera to explore how and where retailers tell potential customers that their SNAP benefits are accepted and welcomed in their stores.  Many stores that I stopped at didn’t have signs on their outer windows; and, a few had old faded signs with mentions of EBT or food stamps.

What I did notice is that stores that focus on low prices let you know that SNAP benefits are one of many ways to purchase groceries.  These benefits are accepted in just the same way as credit cards such as Visa or MasterCard.  And there are even more benefits when you use your EBT card loaded with SNAP benefits.  You pay no sales tax on the groceries you buy.  And, since your EBT card is used like a debit card, there’s no credit card worries – no bills, no late fees, no interest.

What signs have you seen in store windows to let you know that SNAP benefits are welcome?

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