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Could you be putting more in your basket?

Are you amongst the many American households that could use some extra money to buy food? Are you cutting corners to pay for energy or medical bills and still don’t have enough for the grocery store? Many folks make tough choices each month about which bills to pay and where to cut back. The More[…] Read More

More in your basket
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Easter Dinner Menu – Keep It Simple

Easter Sunday is more than a revered Christian holiday. It is a time when we gladly shake off the winter doldrums and welcome spring. Retailers try to maximize sales with advertising for food, clothing, gifts, candy, decorations, flowers, greeting cards and more. In 2014, online shoppers were expected to spend $225 on Easter-related items. We[…] Read More

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Is This Safe to Eat?

Have you ever pulled a can of food from the far reaches of the pantry and wondered what would happen if you ate it? Sometimes we can’t find a “best by” date or can’t decipher the code. Most of us have been in this situation. But, help is as close as your computer!   The[…] Read More

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One Chicken….Several Meals

Never cooked a whole chicken? It’s easy and gives you lots of options. One of the best is making your own broth for a delicious homemade chicken vegetable soup. And, it is a smart way to make the most of your food dollar, whether using SNAP benefits or cash. To prepare a whole chicken, after[…] Read More

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Taking Care of Your Ticker

Love is in the air in early February as we anticipate Valentine’s Day. It’s an easy leap to thinking about heart health so we can enjoy more Valentine’s Days to come. If you think your food choices should be more heart healthy, what better place to look for information than the American Heart Association (AHA)?[…] Read More

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