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Hurricane Season: How Can You Be Prepared?

When a hurricane strikes, many people are left wondering where they will live, when their next meal will be, and how long they will have to survive on the basics. Feeding yourself and your family is a very important thing to do during a hurricane or other storms. Keeping everyone fed throughout the storm will[…] Read More

Enjoy Fresh Fruit All Year Long

How To Preserve Strawberries As strawberry season comes to a close, you may be wondering how to continue enjoying this delicious fruit! Many fruits and vegetables can be preserved so that you can eat fresh produce year-round. In this article, we are going to give instructions how to preserve strawberries in a couple different ways.[…] Read More

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Strawberry season is here!

The end of spring and beginning of summer is always my favorite time to buy fresh produce! Strawberry season is in full swing in North Carolina. You can find fresh strawberries in NC from April to mid-June. When produce is in season, that means you can often buy it for less than in the off-season.[…] Read More

Holiday Meal on a Budget

In the weeks and months leading up to a holiday, it can be hard to figure out where you’re going to find the time and money for gifts, activities, and festive food. With friends, family, and co-workers telling you what they are preparing to do for the holidays, it can be tempting to copy their[…] Read More

Valentines Day
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