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North Carolina P-EBT Pt. 2

As previously reported, North Carolina has been approved for the Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) program. This program intends to provide extra help buying groceries for the families whose children normally receive free and reduced lunch at school. The P-EBT supplement will be deposited in two installments and similar to typical SNAP benefits, unused benefits will roll[…] Read More

North Carolina P-EBT

North Carolina has been one of the first four states to be approved for P-EBT (Pandemic Electronic Benefits Transfer). On Monday, April 20TH, Governor Roy Cooper announced the distribution of P-EBT. Outlined below are the component: P-EBT will help families purchase food for children impacted by school closings due to COVID-19. The program provides the[…] Read More

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How Kids can help in Kitchen

With school being out, our kids have more free time. Why not give them something constructive to do, while also lending a helping hand. Today we will discuss, how young children can help in the kitchen. Some of these activities will vary depending on age and parent comfort level. Listed below are some simple ways[…] Read More

Food Storage

The days of going to the store for one item have been temporarily halted. Now we tend to stock up on several items, some which may be forgotten. What about that fresh fruit you just purchased three days ago? Is it still fresh? Should you toss it? Things we don’t normally think about have become[…] Read More

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