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If you had SNAP benefits for you, then your money could buy pet food

When money is tight, you may struggle with putting food on the kitchen table for your family and at the same time, having sufficient food for your pets.  While SNAP benefits can only be used to purchase food for human consumption, using SNAP would mean budgeted grocery dollars are then freed up for other uses[…] Read More

Do I qualify for benefits? Start by looking at gross income.

The process of qualifying for FNS/SNAP benefits begins by looking at your household’s income – more specifically, your household’s gross income. What is gross income? Gross income is the sum of all of the income coming into your home – it includes all earned income from working, before any deductions are taken out; and, it[…] Read More

Some vegetables remain affordable throughout the year – regardless of the growing season

No matter what time of year it is, or which growing season, there are some vegetables that are always affordable.  During the summer and fall months, grocery stores have produce bins that are overflowing with locally-grown, in-season produce.  During the winter months, many of these same bins are empty or filled with packaged or canned[…] Read More

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