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Zucchini Pancakes: A surprisingly tasty treat!

Last weekend my sister gave me a giant zucchini from her garden, so I decided to get creative and make zucchini pancakes from the USDA Mixing Bowl. These are not the kind of pancakes you cover with butter and syrup; they are savory and make a great side dish or snack. Best of all, they[…] Read More

zucchini pancakes
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Grow an Indoor Herb Garden with SNAP

Buying fresh herbs doesn’t always fit into my budget, so I decided to grow my own instead! A wide variety of herbs can grow inside your home, for very little money. Did you know that you can use your FNS/SNAP benefits to start your indoor herb garden?

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Why Shopping at the Farmers’ Market is Great!

It’s summer, and one of the best parts is the abundance of fresh, flavorful, produce.  I have learned nothing beats a locally grown peach handpicked from a farmer’s bountiful display on a steamy Saturday morning.  Not only does produce from the farmers’ market have great flavor, but the freshness is hard to beat.  Most produce[…] Read More

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