Understanding FNS/SNAP-Eligible Medical Deductions

To be eligible for FNS/SNAP benefits, most adults must meet both a gross and net income test, but the eligibility is slightly different for older adults (over the age of 60) and people with a disability (receiving SSI or SSDI). If you fall into one of these categories, you only need to meet the net income limit. The current net income limits are $931/month or $11,172/year for a household of one.


There’s another big eligibility difference among this group. Households with an older adult or person with a disability are also eligible for medical deductions. Eligible households can deduct monthly medical expenses over $35 that are not covered through insurance.
Medical deductions are important for a couple reasons. First, if your net income is above the limit for your household size, you may still be eligible to receive benefits once medical deductions are taken into consideration. Second, if you already receive FNS/SNAP benefits, including medical deductions in your application can help maximize the benefit amount you receive. There’s no limit on medical deductions, so make sure to include all eligible expenses on your FNS/SNAP application.
Here’s a list of medical procedures and supplies that count towards the medical deduction:
  • Medical/dental care
  • Hospitalization and nursing home costs
  • Costs of health insurance premiums, deductibles, and co-pays (including Medicare)
  • Dentures, hearing aids, prosthetics
  • Costs associated with owning a service dog
  • Eye glasses prescribed by an optometrist or specialist
  • Transportation and lodging costs incurred to obtain medical treatment, including mileage
  • Attendant, home health aide, homemaker, or child care services
  • Over-the-counter and prescription drugs, vitamins, and supplies
If you already receive FNS/SNAP benefits, but did not include medical deductions on your application, you may be eligible for an increased benefit amount. If you’d like to have your application re-evaluated to include medical deductions, contact your county’s Department of Social Services. The contact information for your county can be found here.


If you aren’t receiving FNS/SNAP benefits and would like to find out if you may be eligible, you can contact the More In My Basket toll-free number for assistance at 1-855-240-1451.
Do you have a neighbor or relative who might benefit from this information? Encourage them to call the More In My Basket toll-free number to learn more.


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