More In My Basket At The Market

More In My Basket at the Market is a farmers’ market support program developed by North Carolina State University/CooperativeExtension.  The program provides education to introduce, instruct, and facilitate SNAP recipients interest and skill in purchasing and preparing farmers’ market produce while also acquainting them with their local farmers’ market.  The goal of the program is to increase access to fresh foods, while also increasing farmer income through direct sales.

The program consists of two sessions:

SESSION ONE “An introduction to EBT at the farmers’ market and preparing seasonal foods”:

  • Overview of farmers’ markets
  • Information on local farmers’ markets
    • Hours
    • Days of operation
    • Items available
  • Eligible purchases
  • How to use EBT at the market
  • Incentive Programs
  • Cooking demonstration with seasonal food item

SESSION TWO “Farmers Market Tour”:

  • A tour of the local farmers market
  • Hands on experience with EBT and double bucks programs
  • Produce selection and storage tips
  • Money saving tips