Month: April 2012

SNAP benefits can buy more than groceries! You can grow your own food from seeds and plants.

This time of year, the main aisles of grocery stores are filled with seed displays; and, in a few more weeks, fruit, vegetable and herb plants will appear just outside their main entrances.  I am always drawn in by the colorful photos and overwhelming selection.  One day I hope to actually build a raised bed[…] Read More

Buying an Easter ham, eggs (and mayo), and a chocolate Easter bunny would be easier if you had an extra $16

Family traditions and get-togethers can make for an enjoyable Easter.  In my household, regardless of one’s age, we have a hardboiled egg-smashing contest, an Easter egg hunt with egg-by-egg clues until reaching a sugary prize at the very end, and my personal stash of Jelly Belly jellybeans. Many families come together for potluck meals where[…] Read More