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Chilled Cantaloupe Soup

Everyone loves fruit during the hot summer months. While we traditionally cut fruit up and enjoy the sweet juices, there are other ways to enjoy the fruit as well. Chilled cantaloupe soup will keep your kitchen and body cool as it is meant to be served at a cooler temperature. This recipe is perfect for[…] Read More

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Freezer Meals: A simple solution with little clean up.

With our children home from school, our time is divided across many tasks.  Finding time to prepare meals can be more challenging than normal. Now is the perfect time to start preparing those pre-made meals your little ones can easily reheat themselves or can be placed in a crockpot for ease of serving. Making and[…] Read More

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North Carolina P-EBT

North Carolina has been one of the first four states to be approved for P-EBT (Pandemic Electronic Benefits Transfer). On Monday, April 20TH, Governor Roy Cooper announced the distribution of P-EBT. Outlined below are the component: P-EBT will help families purchase food for children impacted by school closings due to COVID-19. The program provides the[…] Read More

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