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Grow an Indoor Herb Garden with SNAP

Buying fresh herbs doesn’t always fit into my budget, so I decided to grow my own instead! A wide variety of herbs can grow inside your home, for very little money. Did you know that you can use your FNS/SNAP benefits to start your indoor herb garden?

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Be Prepared: Make sure you have an emergency supply of food and water

Hopefully none of us will experience a devastating weather event, but would you be ready if a natural disaster or other emergency situation happened? Most of us have experienced power outages from a storm. These outages usually don’t last longer than a few hours. But would you be prepared if you had to go without water and electricity for a few days?

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FNS Is Important for Your Family

Why is it important to eat a balanced and nutritious diet? It is important to an adult’s ability to be productive at work and at home. And, studies have shown that when children are not hungry they do better in school. North Carolina’s Food and Nutrition Services (FNS and formerly food stamps) Program can help your family have sufficient and nutritious food to eat.

What’s in season?

During the summer you can find a wide variety of seasonal produce in the grocery store and at farmers’ markets. One benefit of buying produce while it’s in season is that it often costs you less money. It always seems to taste better too!

Season Chart
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